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im shopping cart blackberry application

I had the opportunity to speak with Hedone about this application a while back and to be involved with the beta testing of this application. I wish I could have been more involved with more feedback, but regardless  not only did I get to see how great iM Shopping Cart is but I also got an inside look on what the future holds for this application.

iM Shopping Cart is an application that is available for both BlackBerry Devices and the PlayBook. You will notice quickly that you can not really compare this app to any other app like it. iM Shopping Cart takes shopping to a whole new level with features that assist the end user before, during and after the shopping is done. iM Shopping Cart definitely gives us a look at what the end user can have when many solutions are pulled into one application,  i-Metalist brought a  basic concept to the table and took it to a whole new level within this application by bringing a great complete experience to the end user.

iM Shopping Cart Description: Need help preparing for your next shopping trip or need one of your favorite recipes? iM Shopping Cart is a beautiful and powerful grocery cart application with a recipe service and many other features.
Never need pen and paper again, iM Shopping Cart uses iMSCdb, the easiest way to search for products and input them into iM Shopping Cart. iMSCdb is a database with information about all the products downloaded into the application.
With iM Shopping Cart, you can save shopping lists, items and recipes and create or modify them on the fly to suit your needs. iM Shopping Cart Includes bar code scanning, import/export feature, recipe service, real-time search, in-app email, integrates with Twitter and Facebook and much more. Want to let your friends know what you are buying or what you are missing in your fridge? Connect and Share with social networks and your family.
If your family member or friend is at the store and doesn’t know what you need at home, you just need to create a shopping list and send it to them. Importing into the application is easy and your family member or friend will know exactly what you are missing.
Do you own a business or offer delivery service for your goods and would like people to have all the new information and products you sell? Well, iM Shopping Cart uses a feature call B2B, which allows your customers to always know what products they can get and they can send their orders to you through the built in-app email client. You can then import them into your application.

We’ve included a lot of usable and interesting features in iM Shopping Cart. To find out more about this features check the detailed description, browse FAQ document or check i-Mentalist Support and beta forum. Some of features are listed here:
– Free iMSCdb BETA service
– Adding pictures to stores and items
– Share your shopping list with family members and friends
– In-app email
– Connect items with stores and categories
– Quantity per Unit
– Item name and Product name available
– Costs and prices
– Recipes connected to actual items
– Import/Export data from your device
– Realtime (Live) search
– Category and store related shopping lists
– B2B ready
– Connected to social networks
– Quick Notes

Price 2.99

iM Shopping Cart is Available in Blackberry App World Here.

“Future versions will also include better iMSCdb support, we plan to update scanning software and we already have a plan to include store specific offers and bundles in iMSCdb. One of important features is auto backup and we do plan to include store search trough GPS”.

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