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There are several all in one instant messaging applications for BlackBerry these days, so it can be hard to choose which one to buy at an average price of $20-30.  IM Plus is one of the most expensive of these apps if not the most expensive one so I have always looked at it with curiosity iin passing but never cared to purchase it since I already have a license for Beejive which cost me $30 about a year ago.  IM Plus has always gotten a lot of hype as a good application but I always shrugged it off as getting extra credit for supporting Skype.

I have been growing increasingly frustrated with Beejive over the last few months due to some bugs that can be incredibly frustrating when trying to hold a conversation via chat.  So I decided to go ahead and give IM Plus an audition and see if it was worth its hefty $40 price tag.  Let me take a moment to say that I am not one of these people that thinks apps should all be sold for 99 pennies, because you get what you pay for and if you force your application developers to eat ramen noodles while living in a studio apartment or living in their mom’s basement than you will eventually get increasingly sub par apps.  As a developer I understand how hard it can be to face a crowd of hungry thankless assholes who want something for free and think they have a right to be a critic on top of that, you can add some salt to that and chalk it up as my opinion but trust that I am not alone on my soap box.  Now that I have said my piece, lets get on with the review.

This BlackBerry Application KICKS ASS, period.  The biggest overall feature that sets this application a head above the rest for me is the GUI(Graphical User Interface).  Trillian shows some promise in this area but I’m not a fan of the black color scheme and Beejives interface seems dated(Especially the emoticons which are horrible).  IM Plus has a very bright and crisp visual presentation and an intuitive navigation style.  The tabbed style allows you to flick back and forth between open chat windows and contact lists.  One of the things that really bugs me about Beejive is that no matter what sound profile I am using it refuses to notify me of a new message when I have the app open, I am guessing they assume that it’s not necessary because I must be looking at my phone.  This is sometimes the case but most of the time when I am chatting from my BlackBerry I am doing something else as well so I like to be notified if the other party sends messages to me.  IM Plus does not fail this task.

To me this is also the best app available that can claim it’s an ALL IN ONE solution for chatters on the run.  No other app supports so many services, let alone do it well.  See a list of supported services below.  Overall I will conclude that IF you use multiple chat clients and especially if you are a big Skype user then you would most likely be satisfied with your $40 investment and stay happily connected from this point on.

  • Twitter
  • Google Talk
  • MSN/Live Messenger
  • AIM/iChat
  • ICQ
  • MySpace
  • Jabber
  • Yahoo
  • Facebook
  • Skype

Get IM Plus HERE

More Features:

Online 24/7 across all IM systems!

Chat with your buddies on a single buddy list. Talk with several people at the same time and access multiple accounts of the same service. User interface is available in English, German, Spanish and French.

Send photos for FREE and save on MMS!

No more MMS! Now you can share your photos via IM+ without any charge!

Group Chat

Invite your friends on MSN or Skype group chat and enjoy group conversations!


View friends’ timeline, favorites, direct messages, and replies. Post pictures and voice messages to your timeline.

Speech Recognition

The very FIRST and the ONLY speech recognition service for instant messaging on BlackBerry! Easy as 1-2-3. Dictate messages instead of typing them. Offered on a monthly basis. English only.

Cheap Texting

Send cheap SMS to anywhere in the world! 5 cents/per SMS to US, Canada, UK, and most other countries.


Translate messages into 9 supported languages: English, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

Save Battery with IM Push Mode Integrated with BlackBerry Inbox!

(for OS 4.6 and higher only)

Recently received IMs are placed in the BlackBerry inbox even after IM+ is turned off and you get an immediate notification of the incoming message on the BlackBerry home screen.

BlackBerry instant messaging has never been so easy!

BlackBerry instant messaging is now an important part of everyday communication. Our developers always listen to your feedbacks and strive to exceed your expectations with every new version of IM+ for BlackBerry, providing the highest quality and feature-rich all-in-one messenger on the BlackBerry app market. With IM+, you can easily stay in touch with your parents and children, have fun with your friends, and make business deals with your partners!

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