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Shape Services let us know they are inviting everyone to participate in a BETA round of the new IM+ for Skype version. They have added an exciting feature, free voice communication within Wi-Fi zones. You can download and useIM+
for Skype for free until the 8th of December 2009.

New added Feature:
Free voice communication within Wi-Fi zones.

In order to place the VoIP call please make sure to select proper call type at “Settings” – “General”.
Then select the contact from your contact list or “Call” – “Call phone” from the menu.
VoIP functions of IM+ for Skype currently work in half-duplex mode.
Please press left convenient key to talk and release it to hear you interlocutor.
Note that Wi-Fi connection is required to place and receive VoIP calls.

Download via Desktop and get all additional details HERE!

Download via OTA HERE!

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