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Enhance the security and privacy! iLock enables you set password for any app you like. Want to lock off apps that use data while your child is using your ilockBlackBerry?  Want to show your friend some content, but you don’t want the contacts or sms app accessible, the iLock is the one.
It’s a great complement of the system default password function which can only lock the phone entirely.
The change log is
1. Lock/Hidden the file and folder, the newly rocking function in iLock
2. Enable add an app Manually if it was not in pre-refreshed list
3. Use a new & texture icon, looks nice in different style themes
4. Fixed some little bugs, more steady & smooth

* 1. Simple UI with smart and strong password protection function, you can set password for core apps and 3rd part apps
* 2. The app is running silently & slightly in background, wont occupy additional battery and memory

You can pick this up in our Store HERE!

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