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I travel quite a bit and I have been using  this iGrip for quite a while. iGrip does help keep your BlackBerry secure while driving around, but I have noticed it also helps with reception in rural areas.

The iGrip mount also allows me to easily see who is calling while driving which helps with keeping my hands on the wheel and not feeling around for my BlackBerry. Last but not least I had another use that I have never thought of until the other night. A big storm had blown in and created some flash flooding, as I drove along the creek I started a video and it worked perfectly while in the iGrip mount.

I use the dashboard swivel mount but iGrip offers many mounting options for your vehicle. Overall if you travel on the road much at all, I would highly reccoment the iGrip mount.

It comes with an extra large suction cup for instant windshield mounting. Or you can use the self-adhesive power-disc for mounting to dash or console that’s provided.

The holder is sized to maximize functionality and look great in any vehicle. The padded sides protect your smartphone, and move in and out with the push of a single button.

  • Durable and rugged construction
  • Adjustable holder for a variety of phone sizes.
  • 4 way adjustment knobs.
  • Suction cup mount, positioning arm, and holder included.

Most mounts range in cost from 19.00 and 30.00

See the universal iGrip mount HERE!

See all the iGrip mount options by going HERE!

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