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I had the opportunity to try out the iGrip for my 8900 and have really been impressed on how well it works. I can always see my screen if someone calls, not worry about where it is in my truck  and with the upright position it helps with reception.
This combination of heavy-duty mount and holder is an ideal solution for igriproad warriors seeking a hands-free solution for their vehicle that can truly get the job done.
It features an extra heavy-duty mount that has adjustable pivoting action–up and down, left and right. Plus it is the strongest, most vibration proof mount on the market today.
It comes with an extra large suction cup for instant windshield mounting. Or you can use the self-adhesive power-disc for mounting to dash or console that’s provided.
The holder is custom fit to maximize functionality and look great in any vehicle.

  • Durable and rugged construction.
  • Custom fit holder.
  • 4 way adjustment knobs.
  • Suction cup mount, positioning arm, and holder included.

NOTE: Custom fit holder will not accommodate a phone with an extended size battery door.

You can pick this up in our Accessory Store HERE!

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