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The basic principle of Iconify is to allow you to create quick access links to all of your favorite contacts, applications, files and websites, making you and your BlackBerry more efficient then ever.

With Iconify you can create 5 distinct types of homescreen icons (and BlackBerry Global Menu Entries): IconifyDial, which allows you to pick and create icons for calling your contacts. IconifyMail, which allows for quick access emailing, SMS, pin messaging. IconifyWeb which allows you to create instant weblinks to your favorite websites. IconifyApp which allows you to create additional Icons for installed Applications. And finally, IconifyFile which allows you to create links to any file (or folder) on your BlackBerry device file system to open it directly from your HomeScreen. All of which are user customizable with pictures, names or confirmation settings. When you like you can combine Mail and Dial links for a contact – this allows you to choose between ‘dial’ and ‘mail’ each time you click on the Contact Iconify-Link Icon.

Please note, that there is also a 15 Links Version via the link below! ( Discounted Price also limited time)

Before you purchase Iconify make sure to try the free 14 day (10 Links) Trial Version.

50 link version is $3.99 normally but currently $1.99 (Save 50%) limited time

Both Available in the BlackBerry Sites Store Here.

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