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This Premium application gives you real human voices that alert you of incoming calls, and notify you of a variety of alerts. Recorded by professional voice actors in world-class studios, these voices sound real because they are real! You can watch a demo video HERE!

* Includes eight different voice sets, including: Sexy woman, Business woman, Cool chick, Girl next door, Sexy guy, Business man, Cool guy, and Boy next door.
* Each voice set includes 59 notifications for your phone, with alternate versions of each notification. That’s over 900 notifications in all! Here are just some of the included notifications: E-mail, SMS, MMS, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, BBM Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, Level 1 alert, Push-To-Talk, and more!
* This set includes a variety of standard ringtone notifications and custom tones assignable to relatives and co-workers. Works on any phone that allows MP3 files as notifications.

Minimum Requirements:

* MP3 capability

Price: $7.99

You can pick this up in our Store HERE!

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