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Hullo Mail BlackBerry

The HulloMail app uniquely provides:

  • Listen to your messages directly form your inbox, mobile or the web
  • Get notified of missed calls, even when your phone is off or there is no network coverage
  • Access, view and manage your messages and missed calls, all from one place
  • Full message synchronization with compliant email accounts such as Gmail and MobileMe
  • The ability to see who’s calling you instantly by synchronizing with Gmail and Phone contacts
  • ‘Hullos’, the ability to send and receive short voice messages for FREE*, like voicemail but without the initial call

In addition to all these features you’ll get quick access to media playback, speaker control for added privacy, call return and the ability to easily change your greetings and settings.

The HulloMail for BlackBerry app is free to download and use however why not upgrade to the ad-free version with Individual Greetings and extended voicemail length of up to five minutes for only $5.99 for the year?

London, UK: 10 November 2011 – HulloMail™ (, the specialist voice messaging company, has today released its anti-phone-hacking innovation for BlackBerry smartphone users. HulloMail’s SmartVoicemail™ now gives BlackBerry users the option of protection against the unauthorised access of their private voice messages.

The new ‘Access Control’ feature exclusively provides the ability to detect and prevent phone hacking. HulloMail’s BlackBerry users are able to block all ‘call-in access’ to voicemails, ensuring that messages can only be retrieved from within the HulloMail app, or via email. Additionally, users may opt to receive a notification of any attempts to access their private voicemail, therefore providing a complete audit trail and further peace of mind.

This new feature from HulloMail is a reaction to the general public’s vulnerability, which was only really revealed by the high-profile phone hacking scandals. According to Andy Munarriz, founder and CEO of HulloMail, “We felt it was important to offer subscribers an additional safeguard to their current voicemail service, following the high profile cases. Now, with Access Control activated any call to the HulloMail voicemail service is instantly detected and the user notified immediately – a service that is not available from mobile network operators and other third party voicemail providers.”

The Access Control component builds on HulloMail’s existing access safeguards, such as the enforcement of PIN number access for those users wishing to dial-in to access voice messages. The launch of Access Control for BlackBerry devices follows having successfully introduced the anti-phone-hacking element to the iPhone and Android apps in October.

Pricing and Availability
The Access Control feature is now available for existing subscribers of the HulloMail SmartVoicemail™ BlackBerry app and is available to download from BlackBerry’s App World store for an annual fee of £5.99 UK, €5.99 in Europe and $5.99 in the USA/worldwide.


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