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For work or pleasure I use group emails a lot. Group emails are very simple to set up and saves time. If you take pictures with your BlackBerry and want to send the picture to more than one person, then groups is the way to go.  Even for work projects, which email lists tend to change quite a bit, editing, renaming, adding or removing contacts and or the group itself is simple.

STEP 1  Open your contacts then hit the menu button and select New Group.


STEP 2 Select New Group then Name your group.


STEP 3 Hit your Menu key and select Add Member


STEP 4 Add your Contacts/Members for your new group.


STEP 5 When done adding contacts/members hit menu and select Save Group.


The Group you created will be in your contacts, so if you want to add or remove contacts or edit the name of the group just open your contacts go to the group, hit the menu key and select view group.

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