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Zombie Girl has arrived just in time for the Halloween season but is just as perfect for any other time of year as well! Be sure to check out the Home Screen Hot Spots below. this is a very cool theme.

This theme is a truly exciting one for BlackBerry ThemePark, this is their first theme to be launched with the art from "the cute institute" which I think you will agree is truly incredible. 

Home Screen Hot Spots:

  • Touch the girl’s face to launch Twitter
  • Touch the ghost to launch BlackBerry Messenger
  • Touch the heart/skull(below the date) to launch Sound Profiles
  • Touch the large cupcake to launch Text Messages
  • Touch the very top of the screen to launch Message Inbox

Landscape Home Screen Today Sections:

  • Calendar(2 entries)
  • Tasks(2 entries)
  • Memos(2 entries)

Zombie Girl for the BlackBerry Torch 9800 $6.99 Add to Cart

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