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GreenTech is a new theme from HedoneDesign! There are number of features in this new theme, which so far have not been included or could not be done.
It is also the first theme from HedoneDesign created with the new BlackBerry Theme Studio 5.0. That also means that we included some new features that are available primarily to users of the new operating system 5.0.

GreenTech Theme
It is also interesting that this is the first theme, which was tested by HedoneDesign BetaTesting team. Among our customers, we have selected some users with different models and different operating systems in order to test this theme and so we are able to offer the most user friendly and a great addition to design a quick and functional theme that will make your use of not only faster but also more interesting.
Theme is designed in natural green colors. Something natural and relaxing for your eyes. Time and meters (battery, signal) are large, easily visible and well coincide with a green background.
A rigorous, detailed design that gives the “Tech” part, which we used in theme name GreenTech. Even icons are easily identifiable and friendly for your eyes. So you will not have problems accustoming and use.
The theme is ready for the various BlackBerry models and operating systems, so make sure you choose one that will best serve you and your BlackBerry.
If you are using 4.x operating system must select 4.x theme. For more recent (5.x) operating system is better to take 5.x theme as it includes features that until now we did not use.
The theme is prepared in Zen (with TodayPreview function) and TodayPlus option. Be careful when choosing!

Main features:
– Made with BlackBerry Theme studio 5.0
– New, user friendly icons
– Multifunction icons
– Big clock and meters (battery and signal)
– Tested by HedoneDesign BetaTesting group
– Fast and reliable

Price: $7.99
Special Price: $3.99 until Nov 23

You can pick this up in our Store HERE!

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