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While at the WES 2010 I had the opportunity to see this game in action on a BlackBerry device while at the Nickel Buddy booth and I have been waiting for the official release. They have created a lot of nice games for BlackBerry Devices and I am sure this one will be a big hit. How well can you defend? Check out the video below. Details: The pirates are invading Candy Island by land, sea, and air! Build your defenses to stop the pirates from stealing the island’s candy in this all new tower defense game. Features: 4 different maps each requiring a different play style. 4 Difficulty levels. Some maps with predefined paths; some require maze building. Land, water, and air invaders. Automatically saves your game on exit. Countless hours of entertainment.


Watch this video on your BlackBerry Device HERE! BlackBerry: 8900 (Curve), 8910 (Curve), 8930 (Curve), 9630 (Tour), 9650 (Bold), 9700 (Bold) 9500 (Storm), 9530/9530T (Storm), 9550/9520 (Storm2) You can pick this up in our store HERE!

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