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Here is the latest offering from Music’s BlackBerry that is available at themes4bb following the link below. This theme is based on the Apple Snow Leopard OSX. There’s been multiple version of this theme but none was created to represent the Snow Leopard as close as this one,

In this version you get nine icons on the dock, which will raise up and enlarge as you scroll over them. Scrolling up from the dock reveals dashboard with five icons and scrolling down from the dashboard brings you back to the dock.
Capture0_23_26 Capture0_25_53
About the dashboard: There are five icons on the dashboard. Four of them are static and those are: calendar, clock, google search, and memo pad. Fifth icon, weather is actually icon located on the 10th spot in your application screen as shown in the picture. Icons do not update at all and they are just for representation and nothing else. For example: calendar will not show you current day and time will not show you the time. You need to click on each in order to see what they are. You will also need to install Google Search app so the one in dashboard will work when you click on it, and you will need a weather app placed on the 10th spot in your application screen so when you reveal the dashboard you see your weather. This icon will actually update if your weather app allows it.

Available for most Devices

Scroll down to see the Apple Snow Leopard ThemeĀ  for your device and OSĀ  HERE!

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