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Peter let us know about a new awsome looking theme from elecite called Noble. This theme is top notch in every aspect no matter what screen you are on. It sort of represents that same simple yet unique look that Urban does. The folks at Elecite  have picked out some of the best 3D icons you’ll ever find on a theme and have spent that extra time to make them all look as crisp and sharp as possible.


Noble was designed for maximum daily use. It’s one of those themes you’ll stick with for a while due to its simplicity, color choice and of course the practicality. It features 3 icons at the top, media, clock and mail/messages.  At the bottom, you have calendar and 2 (up & down) icons which will bring up/hide a nice transparent pop-up window with 9 customizable icons (8 for Bold and 8900).

Bold and 8900 Screen Shot:


Storm Screen Shot:

Noble is also very wallpaper friendly. Overall It just doesn’t get any better than this, unless Elecite can top this one on the next theme they create. Enjoy!!

Price $6.99

Storm, 8900 & Bold series.

Noble Theme
For BlackBerry

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