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I speak to developers and PR contacts quite a bit about new things coming out for BlackBerry Devices, but after speaking with James about getfugu I found myself thinking WOW every time he told me about the current and future capabilities of getfugu. The first two phases (See It and Say It) are in place with the third portion (Get It) expected soon.
getfugulogoSeveral applications come out every year but few fall into the elite must have application category, I feel getfugu will fall into that elite class for sure. Getfugu will be available in BlackBerry App world soon but I have the OTA links provided below for the Curve and Bold with the Storm being availabe soon. This is a free download and sure to be a must have application for  BlackBerry Device owners as getfugu continues to expand capabilities and improve. You can check out a small demo video below of the See It capability below!
See It
It all starts with snapping a picture with your phone.getfugu_getitsizedfinal
Simply take a picture of a sign or logo of the brand you are looking for. Getfugu searches for the brand associated withthe picture and then gets information and exclusive content. Find specials, locations or buy online!
Get Fugu works on all mobile phones equipped with a camera.
Say It
If a logo isn’t handy, just say it.
Speak a brand name, company name, product or other keyword into your phone to start your search with Getfugu. GetFugu uses voice recognition technology to search for brand names and other key words, then delivers cool content to your phone such as exclusive promotions, videos, trailers, coupons and more.
Get It (Available Soon)
Find products and services that are close to you.
Get it uses your location to point you to products and services that are close to you. Take advantage of sales, find great dining or get tickets for a play right around the corner. Basically an e commerce portion of
the app, where from any video or movie trailer you can touch articles of
clothing and be taken right to the website to buy the item.  The description
in the article under “get it” is actually a “find it” feature, where the
phone’s GPS can be used to find local tickets in your area or the nearest

Getfugu Home Page is HERE!
Getfugu for BlackBerry Home Page is HERE!
OTA Download for Blackberry Curve HERE!
OTA Download for Blackberry Bold HERE!
OTA Download for Blackberry Storm
Coming Soon

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