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Love is…. a new BlackBerry 6 Theme from Phantom and it absolutely follows in her path of excellence.  With a mind blowing 6 docks as well as a handy link to 6 extra walls it’s like having an unlimited variety of themes without ever having to actually go into your options to change the theme!  Whether you want to get your BlackBerry in the mood for Valentines Day or just make it irresistibly cute this theme will cover all your needs and more.


  • Hotkeys: Z to reveal dock selection and X to hide dock selection

  • 6 icon hidden dock(navigate to the small heart icon in the bottom left corner to hide/reveal it)

  • 6 docks (white, blue, lavender, brown, pink, and purple)

  • 6 bonus wallpapers built right into the theme

This theme is currently available for the following models

OS 5.0: 8900, 9630, 9650, 9700

OS 6.0: 9650, 9700, 9780

Price 5.99

Available in our BlackBerry Sites Store Here.

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