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Quickly navigate to your parked car, location or landmark. Geocaching and hiking too!

QuickFind by NikkiSoft, makers of QuickLaunch is a GPS application that allows you to find previously marked locations such as a parked car, landmark, or an address and is also ideal for geocaching, hiking and fishing. This app will display your location and your target location on a sonar-like display and help you navigate to your destination showing your position, direction, speed and bearing. Compatible for the BlackBerry: 9500 (Storm), 9530/9530T (Storm), 9550/9520 (Storm2), 9800 (Torch)

* Locations can be added by marking your current location, entering known gps coordinates of a location or performing a lookup by entering an address or landmark such as '241 W. Jackson St' or "Eiffel Tower" or "Oceanside, CA" etc.
* Locations can be mapped using Google Maps or BB Maps
* Turn by Turn directions to your destination can be displayed for driving, biking or walking routes and in 9 different languages
* When you approach your destination a configurable alert will go off. You can have several combinations of alerts such as blinking led, audio ping and vibrate.
* Can be used as a compass.
* option to keep your backlight on while navigating
* Information can be displayed in imperial or metric format

BlackBerry: 9500 (Storm), 9530/9530T (Storm), 9550/9520 (Storm2), 9800 (Torch)

Price 1.99

Available in our Store Here.

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