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We posted a video a couple of days back about this new theme Berry Executive Pro for the Storm  (OS 5.0 and 4.7) being available soon and today it has officially released.  The name fits it perfectly, Berry Executive Pro has a clean, crisp and professional look sure to look great if your an executive or for the end user that likes to show off  with class and style. Screen shots and video below.

Berry-Executive-Pro-Home Berry-Executive-Pro-Icons

Berry Executive Pro is a sleek, simple, yet feature rich theme.  The spinning application wheel on the home screen offers 5 stock applications (Messages, Calendar, Contacts, Browser, and BlackBerry Messenger) the tab on the right hand side reveals a 7 icon hidden side dock (These icons are based on the top 7 icons on your application screen).

For the 9530 go HERE! For the 9550 go HERE!

On your BlackBerry now? Watch video HERE!

For the 9530 go HERE! For the 9550 go HERE!

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