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When Jake  at BlackBerryThemePark sent me the Basic Blue theme to try out, I quickly realized this theme offers everything someone would want in a theme.

To major applications used on a BlackBerry are the Calendar and Messages and  Basic Blue offers these functions on the main screen for quick and easy access. Another basic function used by end users are shortcuts and this theme offers several  integrated shortcuts. (shown below)

Wallpaper friendly, with a very clean and crisp appearance, this is one premium theme you will not regret having available on your BlackBerry Device.  Yes a basic concept but with brilliant results for the end user.

Additional Details:
Basic Blue only has 2 applications on the home screen, Messages and Calendar.  It has a 7 entry hidden today as well.  If you are a shortcut user it has several shortcuts integrated into it as well.  see the list of shortcuts below.

Hot Key List:
* (F) Profiles
* (0) SMS and MMS
* (alt + w) Pictures
* (alt + e) Music
* (alt + r) Videos
* (alt + s) IM Plus
* (alt + d) SocialScope
* (alt + f) Ubertwitter
* (alt + z) Setup Wifi
* (alt + x) Ringtones
* (alt + c) Manage Connections

For 8520 Devices Click HERE!

For 8530 Devices Click HERE!

For 8900 4.6 OS Devices Click HERE!

For  8900 5.0 OS Devices Click HERE!

For 9600 5.0 OS  Devices Click HERE!

For 9630 4.7 OS Devices Click HERE!

For 9700 Devices Click HERE!

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