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Hedone let me know that the Premium OSXLike Theme is now availableĀ  for the BlackBerry Storm. This is the first Storm theme they have done and it looks great.

OSX Like


Hedone Design’s First Storm Theme looks to be a big hit for a Storm Users.

Hedone offered free downloads for the first 40 people and raised that to 120 people. Those were gone in record time so I do not believe they have any more free redeem codes. Not to worry he is offering this theme for a really great price.

Take a look at the OSXLike Theme by going HERE!

Keep an eye out because Hedone also letĀ  me know the se7en Theme is going to be available for Storm users also. I look forward to seeing how the se7en will look on the Storm so I will let you know when that comes available.

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