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We have been maintaining (mobile site portal) for almost a year now and frequently we get requests for sites that are not mobile compliant.

We still want to help so what do we do?

Sometimes we can accomplish this by using a tool that has been out for quite a while, created by none other than Google. This Google site converter can not always convert the site to mobile  but most of the time it does. From your BlackBerry you want to bookmark .


The largest request we get is for IMDB (Internet Movie Data Base) and this Google tool will convert the site to mobile, however the IMDB search function is not available, yes this is a big bummer but a lot of the IMDB content is still available. To check out IMDB via your BlackBerry using this tool go HERE!


This little Google mobile viewing site may come in handy for people; but we also wanted people to know when they send in a non mobile site link request at and it gets added,  we are not making the site mobile, we just use this site by Google to make it happen.

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