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Thanks to John from  Go2mobile Solutions Ltd. for providing us some information about a new application called GrouptextApp.  Although this kind of Application is not for individuals,  the solutions and productivity it will provides for a large company  is worth mentioning.

Brief description, benefits and uses of GroupTextApp.


GrouptextApp comes in 2 flavours
1. GrouptextApp- a user based system, that allows users to select a group,
enter a message, schedule date/time when wish to be sent.

2. GrouptextApp+ – an admin system, that allows administrators to add groups, mobile numbers, schedule messages, view scheduled messages remotely.

Some of the Uses that we envision with GrouptextApp for the Blackberry::
:: Health organizations using GrouptextApp to allow hospital managers
co-ordinate and update medical staff in emergencies, advise of shift
changes, meetings etc. from their Blackberry devices.
:: IT Companies co-ordinating system alerts to technicians. Staff in remote
server locations can update colleagues using their Blackberry devices on
system changes, downtime issues etc while at the server rack itself.
:: Distribution/Transport companies whose non office based staff connect to
send SMS alerts.
:: Mobile based sales representatives, who wish to update colleagues on
meetings, orders and sales leads via their smart phone device.


There are many benefits to this system, including: SAAS Advantages

:: Staff back at base, or remotely using laptops can update the system- they have full access via standard browser to a web service portal, which gives them the full functionality of the system for both administration, traceability, maintenance and sending. And staff in transit or away from laptops, can access the sending groups remotely.

Peace of mind
:: If a Blackberry is damaged, stolen or lost, all the user needs to do is
get another Blackberry and their groups and numbers will be available
immediately as all groups and numbers are stored and maintained from a
central server hosted by Go2mobile.
GrouptextApp+ Administration Function
:: After a meeting a manager can add a new contact number on the fly to a
group- that can then be accessed and used by all users of the system,
wherever they are. The updates are in real-time.
:: Text messages can be scheduled in advance. So group reminders can be
Meeting/Sales Updates
:: Sales staff can inform colleagues of meetings just after leaving the
Updating Anytime/Anywhere
:: Using the full SAAS GUI on laptops/desktops, staff can update groups and
mobiles at any stage which are then immediately available to the staff using
the system from their Blackberries. If a member is added to a group after a
scheduled message has been setup, this member will also receive the message if in the group at the actual time of broadcast.
Traceability & Account Management
:: Using the full SAAS back at base, the account manager check their message
balance, search the message archive and view their message status reports.
:: Go2mobile has text message coverage on over 760 networks in over 200
countries, see, for
up-to-the-minute references. This ensures no matter where the person is on
their Blackberry, and where they wish to send the messages- Go2mobiles
extensive coverage will get the message to the desired recipient mobile with
minimal fuss, real-time speed and maximum resilience.
Display Resolution
:: Set at the optimum viewing 480 resolution for Blackberry devices which
provides ease of operation and reduced scrolling.

1. Grouptext Service access fee per Account/Organization  – US$850 per Annum
2. Message packs can be purchased in packs of 1,000 at US$0.10 per message – US$100 per pack
BlackBerry Model Compatibilities
GrouptextApp was developed on the Blackberry Model Pearl Series 8100
Smartphone (Edge) V4.5.0.37 (platform It is definitely compatible with the Blackberry SmartPhone versions released between 2008 and now, so this would include the Blackberry Curve, Storm, Pearl and 8800 series. However, we envision the way it works through the Blackberry web environment that it should be compatible with most versions of the Blackberry.

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