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We have all been through this scenario at some point and time, when you are staring at a computer screen trying to solve a puzzle or watching a video and out of no where a scary something pops up. Well now you can have this prank right on your BlackBerry device for hours of fun. I would be sure to have them sit down or you better be ready to catch your BlackBerry!!!

screenshot_1 screenshot_2
“Gotcha!” makes it easy to sucker your friends in to falling for a classic prank! It looks just like a normal game up until you begin playing the first level. Simply tell someone to check out the new game you downloaded then sit back and enjoy the show!

The app instructs your unsuspecting friends to watch the screen closely for ghosts floating through a scene that they will catch. After a few seconds of letting them stare intently at the screen, a horrifying picture pops up along with a loud shrieking noise! After their shock dies down, your friends will understand the true meaning behind the title of the app!

Download “Gotcha!” and see which of your friends will maintain their composure!


  • Great look and feel of a normal game
  • Classic prank to play on family, friends, and co-workers
  • No setup required

You can pick this up in our Store HERE!

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