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blackberry 10 google search blackberry 10 google search text

I want to start off with saying this is simply a mobile site, and instead of making a launcher and throwing it into BlackBerry App World, you can access and bookmark these sites with the links below.

Google search and Yahoo search are two very popular search engines so why not have the convenience of them on your BlackBerry 10 device.

With that being said, these sites work great with BlackBerry 10 devices. When you add to home screen you get an app icon, and not a crummy looking web page type icon.

When searching you will enjoy the predictive text capabilities and when you hit search, the results window opens quickly.

History input memory is also available right on the screen, so if you have previously searched something, you can quick select it right from the screen.

Works great in both portrait and landscape.

These sites were created by and may come in very handy for those that like the simple features listed above. This is not a custom search or ad driven. As I said in the beginning, these are mobile sites, but with great features for those that like things like predictive text and fast results. (Be sure to ADD to Home screen)  (Be sure to ADD to Home screen)

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