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Award Categories

Business Impact  – Innovation in Private Sector  – Innovation in Public Sector


Results by Category

Business Impact Award
Winner – Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust
Midwives at Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust in the UK are using PaperIQ Digital Pens and BlackBerry smartphones to complete an 80-page maternity booklet for pre- and post-natal care to cut administration time, eliminate duplication and enhance the patient experience during pregnancy.
Finalist – Dell Inc.
Dell is using BlackBerry® Mobile Voice System (BlackBerry MVS) to simplify calling, increase productivity and hopes to reduce telecommunications costs by $2 million annually.
Finalist – Xerox Corporation
Xerox developed WINGS for the BlackBerry smartphone – or Wireless Integration for Next Generation Systems – for their 5,500 Customer Service Engineers (CSE). WINGS uses Antenna Systems AMP mobile platform to give CSE’s access to dispatches, inventory and call details.

Innovation in Private Sector Award

Winner – RIDGID, a division of Emerson
RIDGID developed the RIDGID 360 application in-house for mobile CRM. Now 90% of the sales team to update their CRM information daily – up from 10% before.
Finalist – Lenel Systems International Inc., a division of UTC Fire & Security
Lenel developed an in-house application called Lenel Mobile Monitoring to give security guards almost immediate incident notifications and a better ability to respond when alarms go off.
Finalist – Pikolin
With its solution partner, NTS, Pikolin mobilized the entire dispatching and sales management system that helped improve their customer service levels. Now when there is an issue, they hear about it within minutes instead of days (with 95% of the issues resolved the same day).

Innovation in Public Sector Award
Winner – Florida Department of Children and Families
The State of Florida is revolutionizing the way its caseworkers capture and update critical information about children in foster care with an in-house-developed application. The Remote Data Capture (RDC) application uses the camera and GPS capabilities of a BlackBerry smartphone to time and date-stamp photos and record field notes directly into the state’s child welfare system.
Finalist – Baltimore Police Department
2,000 officers at the Baltimore Police Department will be using a solution on BlackBerry smartphones, they call Side Partner. Side Partner includes InterAct PocketCop, which is used to run warrants, check license plates and review mug shots of individuals from secure police databases. Side Partner also includes Xora’s GPS Field Management System, to track officer’s locations in the field.
Finalist – HealthSouth
HealthSouth’s 1,000-member team now uses a mobile CRM application for the BlackBerry smartphone, built using TenDigits MobileAccess software, to capture and track referrals. By reducing administrative effort with the mobile solution, HealthSouth is seeing increases productivity for its marketing teams by providing direct communication between marketing managers and rehabilitation liaisons.

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