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FreeTips Tip Calculator v1.2


FreeTips is a simple, free restaurant tip calculator. It will calculate the correct tip and total amount to pay, dividing among the number of diners you specify. The results are calculated as you type: there is no calculate step. FreeTips will remember the tip percentage and tax rate that you entered for your convenience.


* Divides total among multiple diners
* Remembers tip and tax rates
* Calculates as you type
* Specify tax amount or tax rate

Note for Storm users:

OS versions older than have a bug where the numeric keypad
that appears in vertical mode is missing the number 1. That’s bad. If
you have the buggy OS, one workaround is to disable compatibility mode
for FreeTips and turn your Storm sideways to get the alternate
keypad. The OTA download uses a JAD file that should disable compatibility mode by default.

You can pick it up by going to our Store’s Free Section HERE!

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