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I had a really nice conversation with Matt Howard the Founder of ZoomSafer, which gave me great insight about the current version of ZoomSafer as well as  future plans.  I personally look forward to using this product and my daughter may not like this statement but when she starts driving and wants to keep her BlackBerry, ZoomSafer will be installed for her safety and my peace of mind.


Before going into details about everything ZoomSafer has to offer, I would like to share a few things that  stood out in our conversation.

  • A genuine commitment to the end users safety, while not totally  disconnecting you from friends, family and co-workers.
  • Commitment to the  product
  • Not only keeping the driver safe but giving those around you peace of mind.
  • Dedication to improving the product while keeping the end user in mind.

Just these few things  will guarantee  great success for ZoomSafer as a company and assure total satisfaction for the end user.

ZoomSafer Founder Talks About Beta Launch

Current Beta Features:

*  Auto speed detection – ZoomSafer detects when you start to drive and automatically activates.
* Safety Announcements – A recorded message plays when ZoomSafer activates reminding you to drive safely. We’ve pre-recorded several announcements for the Beta, but in phase 2 of the beta you’ll be able to record your own custom announcements as well as choose from several Celebrity Safety Announcements.
* Auto-Toots – These are messages sent on your behalf to friends, families, and social networks to tell them when you’ve started and stopped driving. These updates can be sent via SMS or E-mail to up to 3 contacts as well as to Facebook or Twitter.
* Keyboard Locking – Your keypad will be locked when ZoomSafer is activated except for:
1. Soft-key to exit the app when you have stopped driving or if you are a passenger.
2. Dialing 9-1-1
* Three Priority Contacts – You can enter up to three Priority Contacts who will be able to call and interrupt you while you are driving. Inbound calls from priority contacts will be announced via a generic audio-alert. In phase 2 of the beta you will be able to create custom ZoomRingers for each of your priority contacts.
* Inbound phone call management – While you are driving, we will suppress ringer/notification of all inbound callers who are not listed as Priority Contacts.
* Inbound email/text message management – While you are driving, we will suppress all messaging-related inbound alerts.
* Auto-Responses – While you are driving, if people try and contact you via phone or text – they will receive an auto-response notifying them that you are focused on the road and that you will respond once you’ve reached your destination safely.

Phase two of the beta will commence in November, is fully customizable, and will include the following hands-free productivity features:
* ZoomSafer Voice Safety Portal – While driving with your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel you’ll be able to use your voice to create, listen to, and reply to e-mails and text messages. You’ll also be able to use your voice to update Twitter and Facebook as well as listen to additional content services such as new, weather, and sports feeds.
* User defined inbound calling – You’ll have even more control to decide who can call you when you’re driving.
* ZoomRingers – You’ll be able to have your personal contacts record a ZoomRinger that plays when they call you. You will no longer have to look at your phone to know who is calling. If a call does not have a ZoomRinger associated with it, ZoomSafer will read the phone number to you.
* Priority Text Messages and Emails – When you receive a text message or e-mail from a Priority Contact, you will be told audibly about the message and asked whether you want to listen to it.

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