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zombie ATTACK Free BlackBerry Game Download

Zombie Attack for BlackBerry  gets some bug fixes with this latest update to  v1.1.48. You BlackBerry does require a re-boot after install.

Game Description: You were one of the few who prepared. They all said you were crazy, but you knew better! Now your day has finally come. Armed with your makeshift launcher, more ammunition in storage than is probably legal, and your faithful zombie apocalypse survival kit, you stand prepared to face off with the hordes of brain eating zombies! Gaze out upon a new world survivor; one filled with zombies wandering and lurking among the wreckage of your city. It’s time to fight back, retake your city for the future of mankind!

Use your launcher and your cache of collected weapons to blast those zombies into oblivion. Who needs to be picky? Sometimes a rock is all you need to do the job, but you also have fireballs, grenades and chainsaws in your arsenal!

Rocks, simple and in good supply, they are the simplest tool in your arsenal. Rocks, when aimed carefully, will crush and destroy those pesky zombies on impact, and cause some damage to buildings.

Fireballs can be launched across the sky with enough momentum to bounce on impact, causing the large flame to land right on top of a zombie, engulfing them in fiery vengeance. Excellent for getting sneaky zombies who have found clever places to try and hide from your post-apocalyptic cleansing wrath.

Free Zombie Attack for BlackBerry Available in App World Here.

Grenades fly through the air and explode into three shrapnel fragments. The shrapnel fragments shred through glass, destroy zombies, and damage walls. After the grenade has been  launched, click the trackpad or touch the screen to cause your grenade to explode and rain down!

Tear it up with your trusty chainsaw, the most destructive tool in your survival kit. You can control the speed of the chainsaw after it has been launched, and every time you click the trackpad or touch the screen while the chainsaw is in motion, it accelerates and causes greater destruction. Zombies will be reduced to little zombie chunks, no brains for them tonight!

If you find the zombies are getting the better of you, and you need some help keeping your brains safe and those of future generations, you can visit our support website to get tips and tricks from other Survivors. You can also get assistance there if you are having trouble getting started.

For the more avid zombie hunter who truly wishes to see those undead hordes to tremble in fear, you can pay a one time fee of $.99 to purchase access to nuclear bombs that will destroy any level and all those pesky zombies. Once purchased, the nuclear bomb can be used once every hour. You only need to purchase the nuclear bomb once.

Free Zombie Attack for BlackBerry Available in App World Here.

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