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Your Shortcut is not your typical web based launcher. Users can access lots of mobile sites from one source while getting other great features.

Typical categories are listed such as News, Weather, Sports, Kids Zone and more, but why stop there.

Mobile Search Category allows users to search Google, YouTube, Google Images, IMDB, Yahoo, Amazon, Ebay, Wikipedia and Bing. Search gives mobile view results.

Video Category offers a videos of the week option and YouTube search for videos or channels.

Free E-Greet Category compliments of lets people share animated gif’s for different occasions right from the browser.

Light kit Category offers several fun novelty type options. Flashlight, Candle Light, Concert Lighter and more.

Handy search feature in the upper right corner allows you to find other mobile sites. For example: Search “People” and find people is used in a Magazine category. Selecting this category will give you access to the mobile version of People Magazine and other Magazines in this category.

No matter how far you drill down through sites and searches you can always use the back-page or home button within the app.

Mobile Sites use less bandwidth and offer an easier to navigate site from BlackBerry Devices.

Since this is web based we are always making updates and adding features that are handy for the end user. The app itself is a launcher that holds the site and offers navigation. We can update the site constantly without the end user always needing to update the app via BlackBerry World.

Price Free

Available for most all BlackBerry Devices. BlackBerry 10 devices can take advantage of more features.
Available in BlackBerry World Here.

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