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Special thanks to ZonaBlackBerry for sending us the following information about this app for the World Cup 2010. Be sure to check out the special notes below just before the OTA link. Enjoy.


The World Cup Calendar 2010 is a simple application where you can find the dates of each of the 32 teams participating in the biggest event in the world, the main features are:

  • The ability to remember each of the dates directly to your phone so you do not miss a single moment of this great event
  • View results and standings from each of the games
  • View games by teams in different forms, by calendar days and games
  • All games of the first phase are already preloaded on your phone so you will use very little your Internet connection and if they do not currently have an Internet connection or signal for any reason the same way you can enjoy the application.
  • The schedule of the games are based on your time zone, the application automatically detects the time zone you have registered your phone and put the hours according to your country.
  • Ability to share with your friend easily
  • The menu works with keyboard shortcuts
  • A help on how to use the application
  • The application is in Spanish and English, simply change the configuration screen
  • Update Notice of new versions of the application automatically

Note for storm users:
***NOTE*** The UI was not designed for a touchscreen. You will need to run this with Compatibility Mode Enabled.

TIP for English users:

For people having issues with the language shown in the app, within the app press the MENU Button > Configuracion > in "Seleccione su idioma" pick "Ingles", then press "Guardar"… it will tell you that it needs to reboot the app to take the new settings. When you open it again it should be in English.

You can download OTA by going HERE!

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