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Thought some of you may find this useful so here is the info and links.

Press Release Excerpts:
Saxo Bank, the online trading and investment specialist, and main sponsor of Team Saxo Bank, has launched a new and unique concept for The Tour de France, combining video, audio and text into a free online storytelling universe.

The ‘Taking the lead’ project is designed for media partners to embed daily stories and weekly issues onto the website The website went liveĀ  July 4th, starting with the Tour’s spectacular start separating the men from the boys during the inaugural time-trial in Monaco.

Laurits Fischer-Hansen, Head of Sponsorship at Saxo Bank, says: “Pre-produced content such as interviews with Saxo Bank’s co-CEOs, riders, mechanics, soigneurs and other staff will be available for free on the website when it goes live. Newswires and web portals will be able to integrate all of the content to their sites without any cost. During the Tour we will be producing three to four daily stories as well as rider diaries and a so-called ‘Morning call’ featuring Team Owner Bjarne Riis or Sports Director Kim Andersen.”

Laurits Fischer-Hansen adds: “Saxo Bank is launching the ‘Taking the lead’ site because we want to display that winning and teamwork is what Saxo Bank has been about from the outset, but also to ensure that all fans of the sport have access to news and videos from the Tour. As our CEOs and founders have said, the sponsorship gives Saxo Bank the opportunity to highlight our values of endurance and passion, and show what sports and business can achieve together”.

Full Press Release HERE!
You can access Taking the Lead on your BlackBerry or Desktop by going HERE!

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