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I have been trying out ShowMe Weather for a few days now and I am very impressed with how this weather application works.  I can use multiple cities and changing from city to city is very easy to do. Show Me Weather is a great free weather application.

Details: ShowMe! Weather is a free, convenient, light-weight weather utility. It gives you quick access to weather in multiple cities of your own choosing. It provides both the current weather conditions and a 4 day forecast.

Current Weather details include:

– Weather conditions (Icon and text)
– Temperature
– Humidity

Key Features:
– Desktop Weather Icon with current temperature
– Track the weather in multiple global cities/locations
– User defined temperature scale (Celsius or Fahrenheit)
– User defined weather locations
– User defined update timing (30, 60, 180 min, etc.)
– Weather provided by Google
– Ad supported

You can get ShowMe Weather in our Store Here.

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