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TigerText sent us an email letting us know that they were now available on BlackBerry App world. Links and Details provided Below.

TigerText is the hottest new texting software that keeps text messages private and secure.  TigerText is a smart-phone application that allows users to exchange text messages that disappear after a set period. When it’s gone, it’s gone. If people text like they talk, some things are just taken out of context which may come back to haunt them. Not anymore…

TigerText allows users to send text messages that delete off both the senders’ and receiver’s phone after a set period of time. Once a sender selects the text lifespan, expired text messages not only delete from both phones, but are not stored on any server. They cannot be retrieved. TigerText users select the amount of time that a message will exist – from 1 minute up to 30 days after receipt – after which the message will disappear forever.

How does TigerText work?
When sending a regular text message, the message sent will live on the receiver’s phone until the recipient decides to delete it. The text message will also reside on the cell phone company’s server for an unlimited amount of time. TigerText is different because, even though it looks and feels identical to a normal text message, the sender controls when the message is deleted from the recipient’s phone and the TigerText server. Reclaim the privacy of your text messages! TigerText is currently available on Select Blackberry*  Devices.

How do I know my messages are deleted?
Messages are displayed on both users (sender and receiver) phones until they are deleted from our server. All expired texts are cleared from our servers every minute of the day. Once you see the TigerText paws, you know your tracks have been covered.

Available at BlackBerry App World HERE!

TigerText Home Page HERE!


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