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For those interested in what is happening in China and their coverage of world news, Handmark and Tantao News network are delivering just that with a one click quicklaunch application for BlackBerry.


Handmark®, a world-leading creator and distributor of mobile applications and services, and Tantao News Network®, the leading syndicated global network for China related news, today debuted the new Tantao News Mobile Reader® for BlackBerry smartphones.

The new Tantao News Mobile Reader® for BlackBerry smartphones offers:
* Unique content, perspective and coverage of global and China news
* The ability to share articles via email,, Twitter and Facebook
* Offline use when users don’t have service or an internet connection
* Full stories optimized for easy reading on the mobile device
* Custom feeds for users create and store their own content within the application

You can pick up this application from your desktop by going HERE!

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