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This theme features several hidden buttons (Options, Clock, Manage Connections, Messages, SMS/MMS, Calendar, Contacts, and Browser) all neatly tucked away in a minimalistic shrunken Bold-icon based design.


Most of the color in this theme has been converted to grey scale, but in a tasteful way while leaving the icons color intact, and minimizing their size for a cleaner interface. On focus, the stock icons glow.

v1.0.5 by CRW Software
* The hidden keys:
* Options – On battery
* Clock – On, well, the clock
* Manage Connection – On signals
* The fixed icons:
* Composing the lower left corner of the screen, they are by default faded out and organized in the following layout:
* Messages
* SMS/MMS Broswer
* Calendar Contact
* The application icons:
* These are comprised of the first six icons on your applications list. They are arranged in the following order:
* ______6
* ___5__4
* 3__2__1
* to keep as much in the corner as possible.


Weighing in at 325 kb

Minimum Requirements:

* OS 4.7, Touchscreen

You can get this theme in our Store’s Favorite Product Section HERE!

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