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free blackberry app smartbbattery

I find SmartBBattery to be handy, and glance at it several times a day. SmartBBattery offers many other features and options and best of all it is free. To start SmartBBattery just enter the application and after that hit the Back button. To stop SmartBBattery enter the application and select menu option “Exit”

* Battery charge status as percent on home screen application icon
* Battery status automatic update
* Three different icons depending on the battery status
** green (battery status more than 80%)
** yellow (battery status between 20% and 80%)
** red (battery status less than 20%)
* Option to choose SmartBBatery title from:
** Default name
** Battery temperature (Celsius)
** Battery voltage (milliVolts)
** Battery temperature (Fahrenheit)
** Battery voltage (Volts)
* “Autostart on device” option (default unchecked)
* Easy to use

Price Free


Available in our BlackBerry Sites Store Here.

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