Select Page is a site that is dedicated to telling you where the closest place to relieve yourself is and whether or not that place is worth even sitting or squatting (or standing) at. bb_logo


# Connectivity issues resolved, now works globally
# GPS Searching for the closest toilets (uses radio where available as well as GPS)
# (GPS is now configurable and DOES work outdoors with Verizon PLUS added Storm Compatability and an auto-update feature
# NOTE: Verizon is now test on the Storm and configurable elsewhere
# Supports both Google Maps and BlackBerry Maps and can be configured for either
# Add Toilets
# Post Comments
# Add Images
# Read reviews, look at photos
# Rate toilets
# Read comments
# Automatic Notification of New Updates

Download Via Desktop by going HERE!

You can download the SitorSquat app OTA by going HERE!

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