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This is a very handy application for assigning tasks straight from your email inbox onĀ  your BlackBerry.

Both Outlook and Google support the ability to create tasks from an email. Role screenshot_1Call Reminders is an application meant to fill this gap on Blackberry phones. BlackBerry phones already have the best mobile email, and this free App adds one more feature: task creation from an email. The application is designed to work with BlackBerry Tasks or any task application that synchs with BlackBerry Tasks, such as Role Call Tasks.


  • 1) Messages can be transformed into tasks with just a couple of clicks.
  • 2) Task name automatically inserted from text of message, whether it is an email or phone call.
  • 3) Ability to not only set task name, category, and reminder time, but also allows you to edit the task to add further information such as priority.

You can Pick this up in our Store HERE!

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