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Live or Work in a major city where you pay for parking on a daily or somewhatparkmobile regular basis? Parkmobile may simplify this process as their services continue to expand into new markets. To view what cities this service is available in now or areas that are coming soon your can check out the map HERE!

What is Parkmobile?
It’s a new and better way to pay for parking, using your cell phone. You can start and stop your parking transaction so you pay only for the time you’re parked. It’s also a much easier way to get a parking permit. You can apply for or renew your permit online at your convenience. Parkmobile is available in private and public parking lots, on city streets, at airports, stadiums, universities, hospitals… just about anywhere you park. It’s free to join Parkmobile and millions of people have already signed up.

Parkmobile Home Page is HERE!

You can get Parkmoible  at BlackBerry App World HERE!

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