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Feel-Goodies® are handy feel-good sayings that uplift, entertain and enlighten.  These digital packets of inspirational wisdom help you to remember how wonderful you really are.

Feel Goodies BlackBerryJust a click away on your mobile phone. The Feel-Goodies® app gives you are a quick way to integrate successful powerful beliefs into your consciousness. feel_goodiesscreenterrific Positive thoughts lead to a positive life.  However, we live such busy lives, it is often difficult to find the time to improve ourselves on-the-go.  Feel-Goodies® can be experienced in the bank line, at the post office, at the supermarket, on the train, or wherever they are needed. Give yourself the gift of a supporting loving self, download uplifting Feel-Goodies®.
feel_goodiesscreensharetellafriendThe free version of the Feel-Goodies®  app is now available to download. It works on over 320 handsets including BlackBerry (Storm, Curve, Bold, Pear, Tour)
Feel-Goodies® work on many phones. They are “simple truths for complicated people.”

After you install Feel-Goodies®. Launch the Feel-Goodies app from the Feel-Goodies® icon.

To visit Feel-Goodies® Home Page go HERE!

To download Feel-Goodies® BlackBerry App OTA go HERE!

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