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My Pin Barcode is a very simple that allows you to show your BBM Pin barcode with just one click!

* One click access
* Shows BBM barcode
* Instructions for convenience key setup
* Launch from everywhere

Q: What does barcode mean?
A: Such barcodes are sometimes also referred to as "QR Code" or "2D Barcode". A barcode usually contains some sort of information which can be used by programs (like cameras) to perform a certain action.
Q: What does the barcode contain?
A: The barcode contains your device PIN which is a unique identifier of your phone. This PIN is associated to your BlackBerry Messenger account and therefore, it identifies your BBM account.
Q: What should people I show the barcode to, do with it?
A: The person you show the barcode to can open BBM and
1) Select "invite" and then "by barcode"
2) Open the menu and select "Scan group barcode"
both will bring up the camera which will scan the barcode and your contact will automatically be added to your friend's BBM contact list. You just need to confirm his/her authorization request in your BBM and you're done.

Available in the BlackBerry Sites Store Here.

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