Select Page is a very handy free app for accessing tons of mobile sites from your BlackBerry Device. I use it to check my Bank, Weather, Sports, Magazines, News and the kids category links to some great mobile friendly sites that your kids can enjoy as well. You only need this one quick launch Icon to access all of these helpful sites. Since us here at BlackBerrySites help maintain this site we can honestly say, users of yourshortcut have help build this site to what it is today. How you wonder? Because of the link request on the site you can simply submit a request and a site you use will be added.

Hundreds of mobile sites by category. Instead of bookmarking or downloading quick launch icons from many sites access them all from

If you find a mobile site that is not listed, use the link request to send us the mobile site link and it will be added. If you think a new category is needed, please suggest it. Remember it is Your Shortcut to mobile sites.

Current Categories:
BlackBerry Sites, Local News, U.S. News, InterNational News, Sports, Travel (Hotels, Airlines And More), Weather, Banking, Email Sites, Communities, Shopping & Shipping, Videos, Search Engines, Tv, Cable & Movies, Radio & Music, Magazines, Jokes and Comics, Random Info, Kids and Games, Stocks & Business, Health and Fitness, Restaurants, Food and Drinks,Technology, Photo’s, Astronomy

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