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mIQ advised me to update to a newer version last night. So far no change log at least that I could find. This is one of the best free apps I have seen for backing up your BlackBerry. The update went great with no problems so if you are using the BlackBerry mIQ App feel free to upgrade. Requires Reboot after update.


mIQ from Best Buy Mobile helps users sync their contacts, text messages, calendar events, calls, photos, videos, and internet favorites from their mobile phones to their private web-based mIQ account. Once backed-up in the cloud, users can interact with their information in exciting new ways, share their with friends and social sites, and easily restore their content when moving from one phone to the next. Content instantly transfers between the phone and the web without requiring any user interaction – ensuring that users are always backed-up and have access to the most up-to-date information – wherever they are.

mIQ takes the content on your phone and automatically pushes it to a private account on the web. From that point on, what you do on the phone will instantly update on the web and what you do on the web will instantly update on your phone – without you having to ever think about it.

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