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Special thanks to Blackberryinsight for sending us this information. No OTA download link available for this so you need to use your BlackBerry Desktop Manager. Follow the link below and I am not sure when this started so who knows when the 24 hours is up. Enjoy!!
MessageSchedule for BlackBerry®
* Create, view, edit and deleted scheduled SMS and E-mail messages.
* Send an SMS or E-mail at a specified time.
* Record the sizes and number of SMS and E-mail messages sent.
* Keep track of the total cost of all SMS and E-mail messages which have been sent with MessageSchedule™.
* Schedule a reply or forward easily from the BlackBerry® SMS and E-mail application.
* Create message templates for quick scheduling of previously scheduled messages.

How it works

MessageSchedule™ is a unique application which allows BlackBerry® users to prepare SMS and E-mail messages in advance and schedule them for automatic delivery at any date & time.

Use MessageSchedule™ when you meet your Buddies!

Imagine … you are out this night drinking with your buddies but you do not want your loved ones to worry so you want to send them an “I miss you honey! It is so busy at work – I will be home soon. Love you!” SMS or E-mail later on. However because you are out drinking and having lots of fun, you might just forget to send the message. With MessageSchedule(TM), you can preset messages to be sent at the right time so you can have fun with peace in mind!

Use MessageSchedule™ to maintain a Busy Image
At 11:00pm, a business e-mail comes in, although you know the answer right away, nevertheless, you do not want to reply instantly, to show your business partner that you are giving some thought into it before you reply. With MessageSchedule™, you can still write the reply now, however schedule it for sending at 3:00am so that you not actually have to wait until 3:00am to hit send and also your business partner will be impressed that you are still working this late at night.

To download the zip click HERE.

To download from the products home page go HERE!

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