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Thanks to Rey for sending us this information. LittleChirp allows you to send tweets without having to open your twitter client. I used it for a few hours and I had no issues with it. Just simply LittleChirpLogoDownload the  LittleChirp application and when you open it you can hit the BlackBerry Menu key to log-in, then use the enter key to open up the status window, type what you want to tweet then hit the ENTER key to submit. The biggest thing about this application is you need to use the Enter Key. Very simple application and runs smoothly.

LittleChirp lets you send tweets from your BlackBerry faster than any other app. It can be assigned to a side convenience key to launch a floating input-box to type in your tweet and post by hitting enter. When assigned you can launch it from the BlackBerry main screen, Web Browser, Camera mode, 3rd party apps or anywhere.
LittleChirp is kind to the BlackBerry’s battery, with a tiny memory footprint and instant loading. The convenience key used to launch it can be set by the user and the app’s set-up is straightforward and simple.

– Split-second loading
– Tweet in other apps
– Tiny memory footprint
– Kind to your battery
– Simple set-up
– Assign convenience keys
OS 4.6 or newer –  Support for older devices and the Storm soon.
Device list: 9630 9000 8900 8830 8520 8350i 8330m 8330 8320 8310 8300 8230 8220 8130 8120 8110 8100 8800 8820

For now you can get it from BlackBerry app world via desktop  HERE!

We will also have LittleChirp available in our store soon.

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