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Special thanks to Artem at GemBlock for letting us know he now has his iBerry Theme available for the Tour.Use iBerry to turn your BlackBerry into an iPhone look a like today! Desktop and OTA download is available.

* Great Wallpaper Support ( Dock Stays on Picture Change )
* 2 Latest Message Items and 2 Latest Calendar Items
* Bottom Homescreen Icons are customizable by user

iBerry Today Plus Designed by: Artem

iberrytourfree iberrytourfree2

iBerry Bottom Dock
Designed by: Artem

iberrybottomdocktourfree iberrybottomdocktourfree3
iBerry Bottom Dock is a variation of iBerry Today Plus which hosts icons on the bottom row, without the functionality of a today plus theme.

– Bottom Homescreen Icons are customizable by user

Pick up iBerry Today Plus by going HERE!
Pick up iBerry Bottom Dock by going HERE!

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