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James at SixTen Web Design let us know a little while back about 2 custom themes he created for the Bold 9000.  Mike Kinney purchased both of these Custom themes and was kind enough to offer his custom made themes to everyone for FREE. The 1st Custom theme was called Clone Troopers that we covered HERE!

The 2nd Custom Theme is the  Halo Theme.


Comments from Mike about Themes:

If you love halo as much as I do than you will love this theme. Another one from James at sixtenwebdesign. The screens and icons go one in one. The colors and sharpness of the overall theme itself is outstanding. Its hard to choose between the two that I had made to use. Both are just outstanding. If you need a theme request this is the place to be

Please keep in mind these two Custom Themes were created by Six Ten Web Design and paid for my Mike Kinney, then offered to everyone for FREE! Be sure to leave a thank you when visiting Six Ten Web Design. If you decide to pick up this theme.

Pick up the Halo Theme by going HERE!

You can OTA by going HERE!

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