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Thanks to Mathias creator of BBFileScout for letting us know he has launched a new application called GPSLogger.

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GPSLogger is a quite straight forward application, that is recording your movement with your BB-phone over time – this includes Elevation and Speed (and some more data). Additinally GPSLogger is able to guide you into the direction of a previously recorder Location – “Guide me Home”-Function (please note, that this is not comparable to a classic navigation application).  100% free (no donationware) and 100% offline.



GPS-Puck or an integrated GPS-Antenna in the BB-Device.

Core Features of GPSLogger

* Record your movement over time – the following values will be stored:
o Longitude / Latitude
o accuracy for Longitude & Latitude values
o # of Satellites
o current altitude (in WGS84)
o current course/heading
o current speed
o Name of Location (if specified)
* Display of the current Data in various views:
o Path View: Display the traveled path in a x/y coordinate system (2D-View)
o Elevation View: Display the change of altitude over time
o Speed View: Display the change of speed over time
o GPS View: Display Longitude, Latitude, Heading and Speed in a large font (e.g. for own navigation)
o Timing View: Display elapsed time, current speed and Ø speed in a large font (e.g. for runners and cyclists)
o Compass View: Display the current heading in a nice compass view (OS4.6+ only)
o Direction View: Shows an arrow/line that points into the direction of loaded location (according to your current heading)
* “Guide me Home”-Function for people who easily loose orientation like myself 😉 (see ‘Direction View’)
To reach the location you have to travel into the direction displayed on the device (when the device in pointing to the top you are traveling into the correct direction – when it points to the bottom you are departing from the location)
* Zoom IN & Zoom OUT for Path, Elevation and Speed views
* Night Mode in 4 different colors (yellow, blue, red and green)
* Save current Location to use it later with the “Guide me…”-Function of GPSLogger
* Store current Location into Clipboard (e.g. to paste it into a SMS or eMail)
* Load and display previously recorded path
* Summary information about previously recorded path
* Export recorded paths into GPX and KML (GoogleEarth) formats (and optional send it via eMail)
* Import a path in GPX format (e.g. that are recorded with other applications that supports GPX-Export)

GPSLogger Home Page for Full Details HERE!

For OS 4.2.1+
OTA link HERE!

For OS 4.6 +
OTA link HERE!

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