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FlashOn uses the built in video camera light, the front LED and the screen to create¬† a customized Flashlight. This is sure to help me get from my office, through the family room and into the master bedroom at night “stubbed toe free!!!”

Capture15_48_29 screenshot160

First set all application permissions to Allow. You can do this from the Blackberry Options screen under Applications.
Press any key during the start up to bring up the options screen (on Storm device press MENU/BB button).
From the options screen you can set the color of the front LED (or turn it off).
You can also have FlashOn cover up the video camera screen when running. If you are having issues with the cover up try increasing the delays, as well ensure all application permissions are set to allow.


  • Set colour of front LED
  • Set colour of screen
  • Use video camera light
  • Customize the duration of the light

You can pick this up in our Store HERE!

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